O.P.I’s Mariah Carey in Can’t let go

The Mariah Carey by O.P.I. collection is a set of eight nailpolish, four smooth ones and four  “liquid sand”, glittery ones. Sadly, I could only find the liquid sand ones in my local Sephora, so here they are, from left to right, “Stay the night”, “Get your number”, “Can’t let go” and “The Impossible”.
 photo OPI-Spring-2013-Mariah-Carey-Nail-Lacquer_zps7b393ec1.jpg
Although this sand-like texture is now being explored by other brands, I have to say this is by far the best one i’ve tried.The colors are deep, bright and full, the application requires no more than two coats and it doesn’t require a top-coat, although you could put one on to give your nails an extra sparkle. The only thing I didn’t quite like was how easily the nails chipped; it started chipping just a day after I first put it on, something i wasn’t quite expecting, to be honest, although i suppose one could blame the lack of top coat and the delicacy of the texture for this.

After having tried them all on different nails, and admittedly looking a bit weird and receiving not so kind looks from the girls at Sephora, I decided to go ahead and purchase   “Can’t let go”. I am a huge fan of  light, violet nailpolishes and this one didn’t disappoint one bit. It does take a while to get used to that sand-y texture you feel whenever your fingers touch your nails, but honestly it looks so pretty and sparkly you don’t even notice it after a bit.”

 photo 4f15a698851611e2b10722000a1f98d4_7_zpsb3e3bdff.jpg

Would i repurchase it? Yes.
Was it worth the 13 euros? Yes.
Will i keep on buying more nailpolishes i don’t need? HELL YEAH.